The blonde was unsure of how to respond to the boy’s complaints, having never been told what to do if someone approached him. It had always been ‘stay inconspicuous’, but perhaps everyone just figured he could keep to that rule.

“Uh, I guess?” he offered, scratching the back of his neck as he looked around, as if there would be some sort of way out of all this. “I mean, I don’t do much here, anyways, other than ice cream. It’s not all that interesting compared to the other worlds.”

No matter how much Roxas looked for an opening, Joshua would not provide a way out.  He could run and Joshua would follow.  He was bored and the boy was interesting.  And he was lost, but interesting was a bigger factor.  Especially the world traveling part.

"You’re a traveler?  Oh, good, I don’t have to pretend I just came in on the train.  I world jump all the time and pretending to know the culture is quite tiring.  But nevermind that.  Ice cream sounds delicious.  Let’s go."

(Source: composingtheworld)